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Coating Repair

Coating Repair

Aquatic Solutions provides underwater coating repair, so there is no need to drain your tanks or move animals, preventing risk and eliminating unnecessary costs. Using the latest equipment and products, combined with our highly skilled and qualified team, we can safely meet the challenge of any aquarium coating project, regardless of size and complexity. This service changes a faded coating from looking old and tired to beautiful and high quality.


concrete restoration

Although concrete is one of the most durable building materials, at some point seawater will begin to corrode and degrade it. The corresponding result is Corroding Structural Steel. This detrimental process results in cracks, spalls, and water intrusion, which are harmful to water-based exhibits. Aquatic Solutions divers are experienced in the treatment of corroded structural steel in concrete, and have perfected underwater concrete placement. 


leak detection

One of the main components of water conservation is detecting and repairing leaks. Water is a difficult medium to contain for extended periods of time, resulting in exhibit tank leaks for a wide variety of reasons. Unfortunately, a majority of leaks occur and continue below-grade for long periods of time, and remain undetected. Using our 20+ years of experience, we can help you improve the overall operational efficiency of your exhibits. Our experienced divers will work with you to determine the most effective treatment and repair--we regularly treat leaks around acrylic panels and through cracked concrete worldwide. Let’s stop your leak. 



Acrylic is a soft, scratch-prone material that collects unavoidable small nicks and scratches. Clear, unscratched acrylic vastly improves a visitor’s experience. Aquatic Solutions has perfected techniques in polishing acrylic underwater. We have been safely performing routine polishing and heavy scratch removal for over 20 years. In fact, Aquatic Solutions completed the world’s largest underwater acrylic polishing project ever attempted.


Silicone Seal Restoration

There are many reasons that silicone seals fail, and Aquatic Solutions can address them all. No matter when the panels were installed, or by whom, we can make them functional again. Our Dive Team can do the job underwater, or can do this dry during your remodel. We have over twenty years experience replacing and refurbishing silicone seals around acrylic panels and are more than happy to help fix your problems.


Theme Installation

One of the most creative and intriguing projects at a zoo or aquarium is an underwater theme installation. Whether it be a brand-new installation or perhaps artificial coral that needs replacement, the Aquatic Solutions team is highly trained to create a mesmerizing visual impact - with your goals in mind.