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Meet The Team

Welcome to Aquatic Solutions


Drew Anderson, President

Drew is the Founder and CEO of Aquatic Solutions. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the  University of California, Santa Cruz in Ecological and Evolutionary Biology. Beginning in 1991, he has grown the Aquatic Solutions brand from a local name in the Bay Area to a global leader in underwater technologies. 

When he is not supporting conservation efforts, minimizing impact to fragile biological systems, and solving complex underwater problems,  you may find him surfing in Santa Cruz, biking in Spain, or skiing in Sweden.

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Mackenzie Gorman, Operations Manager

Mackenzie holds a Bachelor of Science from University of California, Santa Barbara in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. She manages the global business operations for Aquatic Solutions, with a strong interest in conservation efforts, sustainability, and environmentally-friendly practices.

When she’s not launching projects spanning the planet, you may find her cooking in San Francisco, hiking in the Italian Alps, or scuba diving in Thailand.


David Millett, Dive Supervisor

David has been diving for 20 years, and joined the Aquatic Solutions team in 2007. Diving has always been part of his life, and he especially loves being a craftsman and an artist underwater – it is where he feels at home. David received his diving certification from Santa Barbara City College Marine Diving School, and holds a BA in Psychology from University of California, Santa Cruz.


Patrick Bagg, Diver/Tender

Patrick is an ADCI certified diver and been diving with Aquatic Solutions for 13 years.


Sarah Snider, Diver/Tender

Sarah graduated from the International Diving Institute. She has the following certifications: DCBC, CPROX1st AED, HAZWOPER, SDI Open Water Scuba, ACDE Commercial Diver, and ACDI Entry level tender/diver.


Joey Calderon, Diver/Tender

Joseph Calderon is an Army veteran who served as an Airborne Cavalry Scout. Afterward, he pursued his professional career underwater as a Commercial Diver. He graduated from Divers Institute of Technology (DIT) and is ADCI certified, along with other certifications.


Lane Floch, Diver/Tender

Lane graduated from the Divers Institute of Technology, and holds certifications as a safety officer, underwater welder, and more.

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Jacob Sutterby, Diver/Tender

Jacob was certified at Commercial Diving Academy Technical Institute (CDA) in Jacksonville, Florida. He is ADCI, ADCE, and DCBC Certified.


Randy Felder, Diver/Tender

Randy Felder is a decorated US Army Veteran, who is ADCI certified through the CDA Technical Institute. He holds additional certifications, including accreditation through the Association of Commercial Diving Educators.

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