About Us

global leaders in underwater construction and repair


 At Aquatic Solutions, we focus on quality first, above all else. Founded in 1991, our company specializes in underwater repairs to aquarium and zoo exhibits and sensitive water systems. CEO and Founder, Drew Anderson, has spent over 20 years dedicated to the development of unique materials, tools, and techniques that allow a safe application of our distinctive services. 

Our team consists of Marine Biologists, Commercially Certified Divers, and seasoned Construction Professionals. With this arsenal of people, tools, and abilities, we carry out the most complex underwater projects. The quality of our people and our methods is unparalleled. Our service is compliant with all dive-related requirements worldwide—ADCI, USCG, OSHA, DCBC, IMCA—and focuses on quality, safety, and care. 

Aquatic Solutions prides ourselves in offering innovative and advanced service that couples sound economic and environmental practices. We Specialize in: Leak Detection and Repair, Concrete Restoration, Corroded Structural Steel, Underwater Coating Repair, Waterproofing, Crack Injection, Acrylic Panel Refurbishment, and Acrylic Polishing (Dry and Underwater). We are here to help. Let’s start a new project together.


Our Promise



Our list of happy clients has grown for more than 20 years, and reaches around the globe.  We have been entrusted with, in, and amongst the most valuable animal collections in the world.



Every project undertaken by Aquatic Solutions is unique. There are varying construction requirements and husbandry concerns. This has required constant evolution and innovation of our methods



Ours is a service born from within the industry. We understand full well the care and dedication required to maintain exhibit animals. This understanding is on the leading edge of all tool and technique development.

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